Managing ESG Risks


Enhancing ESG Performance by Solving The Right Problems

Working for the common good is good business. Companies worldwide are increasingly aware of their need to manage environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks to protect their reputations, avoid legal and financial liabilities, and become better corporate citizens. A culture of sustainability is also becoming critical to attracting future employees. But sustainability issues are complex and far-reaching, impacting the very culture of your organization. Meaningful improvement hinges on knowing the right moves to make and when to make them. That's where M&H Consulting can help.

Whether you are developing your first coordinated sustainability effort or looking to enhance an existing program, M&H Consulting offers the expertise and resources you need to create sustainable value. Our teams analyze your operations, benchmark your standing among your peers, develop effective improvement strategies, and prepare step-by-step implementation plans.

Not only do we help you identify what can be improved, we also help develop specific plans to implement those improvements at the facility level. With our years of consulting experience, we have helped implement numerous projects that have a tangible impact on ESG performance.

In the complicated world of sustainability, we deliver results effectively and efficiently by identifying and solving the right problems.


"ESG issues impact every facet of a company and its operations. Managing sustainability risks properly requires not only changes in processes and procedures, but a transformation in the culture of a company. The ultimate goal is to create sustainable value for our clients."

Lisa Costello
President, M&H Consulting

How M&H Consulting Boosts Your ESG Performance

  • Prepare a gap analysis of current sustainability plans
  • Assist during rating agency score updates
  • Optimize ESG rankings through reporting and program development
  • Review ESG score reports and metrics from rating agencies for completeness and accuracy
  • Develop and analyze peer groups for industry benchmarking
  • Provide specific engineering solutions for environmental programs
  • Provide project management, procurement, startup, and commissioning services as necessary for solution implementation
  • Develop or update existing green house gas (GHG) reporting in accordance with regulatory requirements
  • Develop an assessment of EPA Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions at facility and corporate levels
  • Determine opportunities to improve overall efficiency of facility operations and reduction of energy consumption

For Private Companies With Public Plans

If your firm is working toward an initial public offering, or attracting private investors, the time to improve ESG performance is now.

Our Sustainability consulting will coordinate each essential step to assure you are ready to gain maximum value.

  • Review existing programs and policies and provide guidance on improvement
  • Identify information required for reporting as a public corporation
  • Perform gap analysis on existing programs
  • Conduct peer group analysis
  • Develop corporate sustainability programs
  • Liaise with ranking entities to establish mock ESG reports prior to public status

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About E, S, and G

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors are the keys to understanding sustainability. If you'd like to know more about each segment, we've prepared brief overviews to explain the major issues and how they can affect your business.

A Full-Service Resource for Sustainability Support

M&H Consulting is uniquely qualified to assist your Sustainability and ESG efforts, with extensive consulting experience in a diverse range of disciplines and applications.

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