We help you achieve safety and compliance

Managing Corporate Enterprise Risk

How Safety Concepts Become Safety Culture

Our goal is to help you decrease operational risk while improving safety within your company, community, and the environment. We create a repeatable risk management program that strives to eliminate deviations and redundancies and can be sustained cost-effectively. We can also provide individual risk management assistance where our expertise is needed.

We put in the work to truly understand the issues facing your business and industry, allowing us to mare effectively help you prepare for audits, inspections, and internal reporting mandates.


  • HSE program development and implementation
  • PSM and RMP development and implementation support
  • Assessment and gap analysis
  • Training needs analysis
  • On-site safety support
  • Emergency response exercise development, facilitation, and evaluation
  • Pre-purchase and post-acquisition due diligence
  • PHA revalidation
  • PHA, HAZID, HAZOP facilitation
  • Industry and corporate initiatives
  • Procedures, publications, and training
  • Technical training programs (hard and soft skills)
  • Skills progression program development
  • Incident investigation
  • Ongoing support for positions which you choose not to staff internally
    • Regulatory expertise
    • Content maintenance
    • Document control
    • Objective performance monitoring and oversight

Thorough, Effective Implementation

Our implementation programs include:
  • Working with you to develop program documents that answer the questions: “What do we need to do?”; “What are we going to do?”; and “How are we going to do it?” This includes definition of roles, responsibilities, processes, and documentation.
  • Conducting a gap analysis of the facilities and organizations
  • Developing an implementation plan and schedule based on the results of the gap analysis
  • Presentation and training on the program
  • Development of program content
  • Procedures (operating and maintenance), hazard analyses, and mechanical integrity content
  • Design reviews of safety systems and other documentation and training around specific program elements
  • Maintenance of content documents after implementation, as facilities and organizations change
  • Management of Change (MOC) program development
  • Periodic internal audits and revalidation of certain elements (such as hazard analyses) as required by regulations